USAXE CLUB requests all customers carefully read this document before acquisition and purchase of tickets to access the facilities and participate in axe throwing or access the axe-throwing zone and surrounding areas. Participation in these activities indicates acceptance of these terms and conditions and all rules contained herein. The utilization of the facilities, namely the axe-throwing, and surrounding, area, duly delimited, implies acceptance of the terms and conditions contained in this document


1. The customer using USAXE CLUB facilities, declares that when purchasing the goods and services that the present facilities have, is aware of the conditions of use described in this document, its safety rules, and proper use and is responsible for complying with them.
2. The axe throwing area can only be used by people of legal age, unless accompanied by their parents or legal guardians. An adult must always assume full responsibility for the minors he/she accompanies.
3. The users of the axe-throwing zone cannot be sick, have any pathology that advises against throwing an axe or have medical conditions that advise against using USAXE CLUB and the axe-throwing zone.
4. For people who are visibly intoxicated or under the influence of drugs in the axe-throwing area, USAXE CLUB reserves the right of admission and to request the departure from its premises of any person who jeopardizes, in particular their own safety, or the safety of third parties, including employees or collaborators of USAXE CLUB, or violates the rules of operation of the facilities, is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or behaves inappropriately, or in a manner contrary to the law.
5. Access to the axe throwing area can only be done after a USAXE CLUB employee expressly allows it.
6. The user of the axe throwing zone undertakes to strictly comply with all signs and instructions provided on site by USAXE CLUB personnel and to cease his/her activity whenever they indicate.
7. The user is always responsible for damages caused to third parties, to him/herself, or to the facilities with his/her activities.
8. The customer and/or user is aware of the risks and excludes any liability from USAXE CLUB, its employees, directors, managers and agents for damages arising from of his/her own activity.
9. USAXE CLUB may incur medical and first aid expenses for the benefit of any user, who is obliged to reimburse USAxe Club.
10. USAXE CLUB is not responsible for damages, theft, loss of belongings or goods of customers within its facilities.
11. Use of USAXE CLUB facilities and equipment provided by it is likely to cause damage to health, physical integrity (namely injuries and permanent disability) of the respective users, although USAXE CLUB take all measures to minimize these risks and give its users initial training for the activity, the user becomes responsible for all damages, to himself or to third parties, being aware and informed in advance of the risks.


1. The purchase of tickets depends on prior appointment and availability for the intended dates.
2. The services may only be used under the terms of the reservation made, in particular with regard to the identification and number of persons, the person who carried out the reservation is responsible for ensuring such compliance.
3. Tickets and booking are non-refundable, non-transferable, and cannot be exchanged or returned.
4. Entries and reservations are only valid for the date indicated, unless the management indicates otherwise in writing. If you buy a ticket on behalf of someone else or persons, you both agree and accept these terms and conditions.
5. Entry or reservation only entitles access to the axe throwing area with express exclusion of any other services or products, namely of food, drinks, parties, events and photography and video recording services, unless added and paid for separately.
6. It is not allowed to bring food or drinks from outside the USAXE CLUB premises. Only those food/drinks acquired in USAxe Club are allowed.
7. Customers authorize photographs to be taken and images captured for videos, as well as minors under their care, for promotional purposes, and publication on social media.
8. Smoking is not permitted on the premises.
9. This establishment has a complaints book.
10. Each product and/or service has unique access conditions.
11. Once the reservation time is reached, no changes to it are allowed.
12. Access to the axe-throwing zone is allowed until reaching the maximum capacity set per hour and per lane.